Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ben shares his luck with me

Not much today, but I do have a nice mini story to tell. More on that later.

I played a $5 No Limit Hold Em Tournament on Pokerstars that Dan told me about at the last second (Thanks Dan..haha) I registered, and sit down in the big blind. I see I have AA. Great...I hope everyone just folds to me. Small Blind raises, I consider folding..seriously...but go all in instead haha. He has KK. K on turn. I can honestly say I gave it my best shot...

Then I register for a $4 SNG that Dan and I play, he gets knocked out with 99 to QQ. But I double up early with KK, but then I find out I have to go to work for a while....so I ask my man Ben to play for me. I come back to an IM that says "I'm sorryyyyy" He made a great call with 2nd pair went all in and the guy instantly called with a gutshot straight draw. He made it. Thanks for playing for me Ben!

Here is my story though:

Phil Ivey sits down at the 500/1000 Limit Hold Em Game on Full Tilt with $20,000.
PillarPAX217 (Observer): is that Dags 20K Phil? Haha
Phil Ivey: lol pillar
HA! Mr. Ivey himself talked to me. To a normal person that may seem like nothing. But for me, it means something. One, Phil is one of the, if not THE, best player(s) in the world. Secondly, Phil does not play online very often. Thirdly, he never talks, except to say “brb” to the table. That took my somberness from bad play yesterday away. It is that simple..it just takes a poker professional to “talk” to me.

You think that's corny, but when's the last time Mr. Ivey talked to you?

Good day.


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