Saturday, July 29, 2006

First Post....Long day

Woke up at around 11, and registered for the HORSE Tourney on Full Tilt for 1130. Bad idea.

I felt like Negreanu in the 50K HORSE Event. I could not win a pot. I've realized too many players chase, and will chase just if it is for a low. So I was out early in that one in the first level of Stud Hi/Lo

Then I go to Pokerstars and play a $5 NL Hold Em Tourney there. Not too bad...K7 diamonds in BB, have a limper. Kxx on flop with one diamond. Check, check. xdiamond. Bet, call. Well it doesn't matter what hits river, I am pot commited since I was short stack. Well, needless to say K7 somehow loses to AA....bad play on my part.

Well, luckily there is a $5 NL Hold Em Tourney on Full Tilt. AQ vs. JJ. End of story.

I figure my luck must be turning though, so why not play the $8 satellite into the Sunday HORSE Tourney? Oh wait...people chase! Worst was 66 on button in 2nd round of Limit Hold Em. Flop is 6J3. YAHTZEE! I've got a set. No flush draw. BB bets, I raise, 4 callers. Turn is 2. Still no flush draws, checked to me, I bet, 1 caller. River is way someone would have a 5 here right? He bets, I call, 55. Good game Bryan.

It is now 535, and I might be done for the day early...oh well. So I figured I should make a blog and whine constantly even though I played like crap. I hope you enjoyed the first of many pointless and idiotic blogs.


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